Bundle for Locomotor and Spinal Problems and Dysplasia for Dogs


Package contains:

  • Cartilage & Spine Builder
  • Bone Strength & Joint Protection Complex
  • Krill Omega-3, D3+K2 Full Trans Gel
  • Multivit Mega C Complex


Bundle for preventive treatment of locomotor and spinal problems, dachshund paralysis, disc herniation and dysplasia for dogs.
Premium quality products from 100% natural sources.

It can be used successfully in the following cases:

  • Dog’s locomotive and spinal problemsArticular problems (arthritis, joint atrophy, hip and shoulder joint dysplasia, ribbon and cartilage problems)
  • spinal problems (dachshund paralysis, cervical lumbar disc herniation, spinal cord atrophy, cauda equina)
  • connective tissue and cartilage (tracheal collapse).

With this combination, we have achieved good results in many cases of the diseases listed. They can be used both for prevention and for supplementing other therapies.

In acute cases, the signs of the treatment can be seen even within 2 weeks. Within 6 weeks time, it shows the full effect. In chronic cases, a minimum of 3 months of application is recommended as other severe lesions must be transformed and signs of symptomatic improvement can be observed concurrently. In acute and chronic cases, after treatment, a reduced dosage treatment recommended to maintain the improved condition.


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