supreme immunity

Complete protection to preserve your furry friend’s health.

Health and immune system enhancing nutritional supplement for small animals.


Supreme Immunity Nutrition Supplements include high quality ingredients from pure sources.

Complex effect on the whole body:

  • digestive enzymes help digestion, nutrition degradation and utilization, balance acid production
  • Atlantic Ocean Seaweed Extract prevents the formation of tartar
  • pre- and probiotics regenerate the intestinal flora
  • antioxidants detoxify the body, bind and disinfect free radicals
  • the only natural vitamins and trace elements fill up and regenerate the entire body
  • vitamin C from herbal extracts meet the daily vitamin C requirements of animals many times over
  • Antarctic krill oil contains the omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids essential for the body in the most optimal form which are vital to the healthy structure and functioning of the cells
  • vitamins K2 and D3 come from natural sources, ensuring a strong and balanced immune system

Why choose Supreme Immunity products for your beloved pet?


Favourable physiological effect without side effects.


These products do not contain artificial materials, preservatives, colourants, anti-caking agents, GMO-free.


These products do not contain artificial materials, preservatives, colourants, anti-caking agents, GMO-free.

Supreme Immunity Products

The immune system is the guardian of health

Not only is it true for humans and animals that 80% of the immune system is made up of the lymphatic cells in the intestinal mucosa and the bacteria of the intestinal flora.

Therefore, the condition of the intestine greatly determines to what extent your pet is resistant to pathogens.

It is important to know that the abnormal functioning of the intestine can cause serious symptoms or illnesses: vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, acid and alkaline balance shift, proliferation of intestinal parasites, skin pruritus, hair loss, rash, external ear inflammation, inflammation of the glands, allergies, epilepsy-like symptoms, joint and backbone problems, heart and circulatory disorders ….

A common consequence is the reduction of resistance to external parasitic infections (mosquito-cardiovascular disease, flea allergy, tick- Babesiosis).

Today, a large number of harmful substances get into the intestinal tract of our pets which could be malevolent for the intestinal flora. These include substances for the preservation and appearance of food, antibiotics, environmental hazards as well as heavy metals. The digestive enzymes complex is suitable for feeding and restoring the weakened gut flora, which is also required for the complete digestion of the ingredients of the food taken. Prebiotic plant fibres bind intestinal metabolic products and provide a useful medium for the bacterial community of the rejuvenating gut flora. These bacteria also produce well-used natural vitamins that are essential for your pet’s body cells and their metabolic processes.

Additionally, it is important to support the functioning of the immune system with essential natural vitamins obtained by the Multivit Mega C complex.

Another important foundation for the immune system is the proper circulation and cell regeneration, which is provided by the natural ingredients of the Krill Omega D3-K2 gel.


Dr. Gábor Molnár veterinarian

SUPREME IMMUNITY health promotion and immune enhancement products are recommended for all pets to have a long, healthy and happy life.