Bundle for Prevention of Dogs’ Epileptic Symptoms


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  • Digestive Enzymes & Probiotics Complex
  • Krill Omega-3, D3+K2 Full Trans Gel
  • Relax & Balance
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Premium quality products from 100% natural sources.
Epilepsy and epilepsy-like symptoms, which have numerous stages and forms, are getting more frequent nowadays.
For many pet owners epileptic disease means that their pet will no longer be able to live an average life.
In many cases, dog epilepsy can be cured completely!

Everyone thinks that dog epilepsy is a disease that can’t be cured. However, it is not entirely true. Dog epilepsy can be completely cured in most in most of the cases. So seizures are completely gone or at least the severity of symptoms is reduced. This can be positively influenced by the supplements that act on the causes.
Antioxidants, probiotics, nervous and liver-acting herbs, trace elements, omega-3 fatty acids, natural detoxifying extracts can provide effective help in treating the epileptic dog.

The compilation of a dog’s epilepsy treatment plan is not always easy. It can be only handled effectively with expert veterinary help, especially in stubborn prolonged cases.
For the sake of completeness, there are non-curable epilepsy, especially in focal lesions of the brain that can be caused by inflammatory, toxic, tumor or traumatic causes. In this case, only the relief of symptoms or reducing the frequency of seizures is the maximum result that can be achieved.


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