Bundle for Helping the Growth of Puppies


Package contains:

  • Cartilage & Spine Builder
  • Krill Omega-3, D3+K2 Full Trans Gel
  • Multivit Mega C Complex
  • Bone Strength & Joint Protection Complex


Premium quality products from 100% natural sources. Vitamin for puppies.

The nutritional needs of a growing puppy are different from those of adult dogs. Mainly the fast-moving muscles, bone and cartilage, and connective tissues require high-dose of sulphuric acid, vitamin, macro and micro elements, and Omega 3 fatty acid supply.
This is the purpose of this package, which totally satisfies the needs of growing puppies from 100% natural sources. Additives, coloring, preservative-free. Immune booster vitamin.
With this, we can establish the long-term health of our pets at their early age.


Daily dosage of Supreme Immunity products


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