Supplementary Treatment Bundle for Allergies and Skin Diseases


Package contains:

Stomach & Bowel,  Krill Omega D3+K2 full trans gel,  Multivit Mega C complex,  Digestive enzymes & Probiotics complex, Stomach Digestive Helper

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Premium quality products from 100% natural sources.
A combination of 100% natural ingredients that can be used to treat dog and cat skin diseases.
They can help to create a balanced immune system (important in cases of allergies), reduce inflammation, suppress complications of bacteria and fermentation fungi (internally and externally), to reduce and eliminate hair loss and itching, to dry the wet smelly skin and eliminate the odours.
An essential part of this treatment is the restoration of the intestinal equilibrium, which is based on proper nutrition digestion and the restoration of the beneficial intestinal flora, as well as the allergies caused by the leaky gut syndrome. This combination will help restoring these beneficial changes.
It is recommended to continue the treatment for at least 3 months as described in the dosing instructions. Dosages for treatment can be found on our website or on the dosage leaflet sent in the package.

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